Santini Italia Tutankhamun's treasure Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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We studied carefully all the decorations and we thought how to repropose the same richness on the pen.

We decided for the blue enamelled lines that beautifully henance  the gold of the mask, and  are reproduced both horizontally and vertically on the cap,more than 30 engravings that are filled with blue  enamel completely by hand.

Among them, dividing the upper part of the cap in four, inscriptions in hierogliph.

In the centre of the cap the clip is a reproduction of the cobra mask of the pharaon, with similar feautures and enamelled colors.

The body of the pen is a eight sided barrel, made in silver 925  with bronze segment also enamelled by hand.

More than eighty small cavity, in three different colors that are painted  by our artisans and both for color and for  shape are perfectly matching the decoration of the outside Tutankhamun sarcophagus!

A big 18 kt gold nib made in our factory is completing the pen.

The result is a catching eye pen that maybe  would have conviced also the great Pharaon to bring with him!!....