Montegrappa Lo Spirito di Stella Rollerball

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Montegrappa is proud to be associated with the sterling efforts of Wheels on Waves, or WOW. Wheels on Waves promotes the rights of disabled people, calling attention to this worthy cause by crossing the ocean on board the catamaran “Lo Spirito di Stella.” Believed to be the first in the world to be fully accessible to disabled people, Lo Spirito di Stella, the sailing will promotes the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, from Miami to Rome, from the UN’s General Secretary to Pope Francis.

Spirito di Stella’s crossing includes 18 different legs from Miami to Trieste, with as many crew teams. They will board the vessel in sequence, as a representation of the world and its diversity. The expedition begins in May 2017 with the collection from the hands of the UN Secretary General of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, ending in Trieste with the event of the Barcolana in October 2017.

This momentous voyage serves as the sounding board that makes known this very important document. Its goal is to contribute to the removal of architectural barriers, but above all, to dispel the psychological issues restricting the rights of the people, promoting equality between the disabled and the able-bodied.